YoungStar English Programme

Prepare your child to be a Future-Ready Global Citizen.

YoungStar English  Programme is a comprehensive online course that focuses on all the essentials of becoming a Future Global Citizen.

THE 21st Century World is looking for Leaders and Innovators who can solve the problems of a new world.

The World Needs Future-Ready Global Citizens!

The world is shrinking! Yes, it’s becoming smaller and we are witnessing a revolution. A revolution that is being brought by a new breed of Humans, the Future-ready Global Citizens. But who are these Future-ready Global Citizens? What skills do they possess? Why do they hold the key to the future? And more importantly, can your child be one?

Our children are the future of this world. But the truth of the hour is that future belongs to those who have the LearnGrowExcel Mindset. Gone are the days of rote learning, the days of being stuck in a 9 to 5 routine. In this ever-evolving world, communication plays a very important role. But the problem is that most language programmes out there focus on only one aspect of language skill. To be honest, this method is outdated and so last century!

What our children need is an advanced English language curriculum which seamlessly incorporates all the 4 language skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing), is aligned with global standard for assessment (CEFR) and actively focuses on developing the 21st Century Learning, Literacy & Life Skills. And that’s the ingredient that makes the students of our YoungStar English Programme, Future-ready Global Citizens.

Fortunately, all these skills that a child needs to transform into a Future-ready Global Citizen are learnable skills. What it means is that these skills can be acquired and polished through regular practice. Being a Future-ready Global citizen is a long-term goal and outcome but at the same time this process also has some short and mid-term side effects such as improved academic performance, interpersonal skills, confident personality, positive attitude.

The YoungStar English Programme is a comprehensive online course that caters to the children in the age group of 10 to 17 years. To know more about the programme and to get your child’s free CEFR Level Test Assessment kindly click the button, fill and submit the Google Form. Our team will get in touch with you to book your slot.

YoungStar English Programme Highlights


Effective Communication is appropriate interaction to convey the desired message.


Creativity is the generation of innovative ideas, perspectives and thoughts.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is the process of evaluating information, making connections, reasoning and problem solving in real world.


Collaboration is to work interdependently for a specific goal under dynamic situations.


Information Literacy is the understanding of facts and figures, statistics and data through reliable sources.


Media Literacy is the awareness about how content is published, distributed and consumed through various media platforms.


Tech Literacy equips to adopt and implement the technological tools in the best possible method.


Flexibility is the skill that helps you to adapt to changing situations.


Leadership is a desirable skill that helps you set goals, collaborate with teams and lead them to success.


Initiative makes a person self-motivated and prepares them to be the first person to take up any challenge.


Productivity is the ability to complete a given task in an appropriate time period efficiently.

Social Skills

Social Skills are vital for forging lasting relationships while being conscious about appropriate etiquette & manners.

Parents' Testimonial​

I'm truly thankful from the core of my heart being having such wonderful teachers cum gurdian like Sir and Maam for my son Puransh in this present time. Where none of the professionals, especially from the side of either school or private tution centre are even least bothered about their teaching and sense of humanity. They both are such generous, kind hearted, devotional and altruistic in true manner. I heartily wish to see my son always around and under their (Sir and Maam's) guidance and teaching in every manner because the search for a true teacher of mine has been accomplished. Thanx to both of you sir and maam.

Mr. Amit Choudhary,


As a parent, I was looking for an English course to help my daughter improve her written and verbal skills. I found the YoungStar English Programme offered by ACE very engaging with excellent delivery of lessons. The faculty gives the required personal attention to the learners and they handle the questions of their learners and parents in a nice manner. I would love to give a special thanks to Nidhi Ma’am. If you too are looking for a perfect solution for your child then look no further.

Mrs. Deepa Singh,


After joining the YoungStar English Programme my son has become more comfortable in using English in everyday situation. The Programme has helped him to use the language in day-to-day situation. I highly recommend Achilles Centre of English.

Anand Dev,

Working Professional

The YoungStar English Programme gives an excellent platform for kids to learn and be a good communicator. The course module is designed to improve 21st Century Skills like Critical Thinking, Creativity and Collaboration.

Mr. Shashi Ranjan,

Working Professional

Learners' Testimonial

I discovered my interest in reading books. Before joining the ACE Clan, I really didn’t know the importance of reading. I literally cringed seeing a person read a novel or a thick book. But I was taught in the YoungStar English Programme that reading doesn’t only help in efficient writing, but also in being more creative, understanding situations in-depth, understanding complex emotions and understanding life as a whole. Just like movies and songs, reading is also an escape from reality. The first book we read in the class was The Boy in Striped Pajamas, and my god that book is so good. That book grasped my interest in reading. After reading a couple of more books, I started reading Hunger Games which was the first-ever book I read completely on my own. And it was literally the best book I have read till now. After I started reading, I could write more efficiently too. For instance, I managed to compose a poem inspired by the writing style of another book. I was also able to get my self written stories published with the Write Order.

Raagi Kumar,

LVIS Noida Extension

I have learnt quite a lot in the ACE Clan classes. I got the chance to explore and understand Extempore, a speaking skill activity where we speak impromptu on the given topic for 2 minutes. I learnt to brainstorm 2-3 ideas and then elaborate those ideas through the Star-Bursting technique. This really improved my fluency. I also learnt the nuances of voice modulation, using functional language and focused thinking. Earlier, I didn't use all these elements while speaking but now my English skills are getting better day by day. All thanks to YoungStar English Programme and my mentor.

Adhyan Bansal,

LVIS Noida

I have always been curious to learn new things. But when it came to language (especially English), I often found classroom learning a bit boring and tedious. In YoungStar English Programme I discovered that we can learn English through fun games and activities. I learnt about different techniques like Mind Mapping, Synthesizing and Star-Bursting to brainstorm ideas to prepare for any given task. All these skills and LSRW tips have helped me become better in activities like debate, which requires focused listening, speaking, reading and writing skills (and people think Debate is all about just Speaking). Apart from this, the ACE Clan mentors have also helped me improve my interpersonal skills as I have become better at conversation skills. I also realized that we can use humor to connect better with people.

Naunidh Singh,

BNPS Delhi

I've learned the Star-Bursting Technique which has helped me many times, For example, during the 26th January Extempore Competition, I couldn't have spoken for even 1 minute but only because I knew the Star-Bursting Technique, I was able to speak for longer. I've gained social and communication skills as because of the pandemic I wasn't meeting anyone except for my family at home. I’ve learned what debate and extempore are. Right after I tried them for the first time, I liked these activities very much and wanted to do more. This enthusiasm of mine led me to practice formal debates and extempores with my family which helped me improve my conversation skills, pronunciation, creative thinking, logical thinking skills and functional language a lot. These techniques and feedback from the ACE Clan mentor helped me in elaborating my points, arranging them logically and also improved my critical thinking skills. I’ve learned that in English Grammar there are different combinations of Tenses, SVA, Idioms, Verbs etc and learning these helped me a lot as I was able to make my sentences, paragraphs detailed and accurate. I have learned how to write proper Emails, which is really beneficial as in future this will help a lot as I will be able to communicate better through Email with my teachers, and later in life for my higher studies and official communication. I’ve learned to make mind maps, This is really helpful right now and in future, because a mind map isn't just a piece of paper with drawings on it but it shows the overall structure of the project you're doing. It can show potential errors, success rates etc, a mind map is like having a pre-made board that shows where the project will go, its potential upsides & downsides, potential results and more. I’ve started reading short stories and novels on my own, which have helped and improved my reading & speaking skills.

Saideep Gupta,

RIS Greater Noida

Through the ACE Clan classes, I got to understand the importance of focussing on LSRW skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing). These skills have helped me to improve myself a lot. I am more confident now and comfortable in speaking. Earlier my imagination and logical thinking skills were underdeveloped but after I started reading books regularly as part of YoungStar English Programme, I have improved both these skills. LSRW skills have practical real-life use as well. For instance, focussing only on listening might lead to spelling errors for some words and focussing only on reading might lead to pronunciation errors. Like I learned in the class that the correct pronunciation of the word 'Wednesday' is actually 'Wens-day'. So LSRW skills help us a lot in our daily life. Another advantage that I found with mixed LSRW skills is that when I write a lot I don’t feel like writing but when we practice a mix of LSRW skills in the class then I automatically feel better as we are not repeating the same skill over and over again.

Aiza Akhtar,

LVIS Noida Extension

Over the duration of my sessions in the ACE Clan classes, I have improved my English fluency. Earlier I faced difficulty while speaking in front of other people. The reason being I struggled with proper pronunciation, my mentor helped me to understand that was because of my MTI (Mother Tongue Influence). I also faced some problems in understanding the concepts of English Grammar. My pronunciation errors and weak grammar made me feel nervous and uncomfortable. But now I have learned to manage my fear with LearnGrowExcel Mindset I learned in Youngstar English Programme. I am able to understand new things quickly. All these issues made it difficult for me to work in a team and collaborate with my classmates. Now I feel confident and know how to handle myself and my teammates. I am happy as I'm also improving my vocabulary in the classes.

Priya Kashyap,

SPSEC Kanpur