Why Public Speaking is important for Kids?

As a parent, one is always focused about the overall development of their child. One such skill which is indispensable is the Public Speaking skill.

Why Public Speaking is Important For Kids? Pexels – Anil Sharma

A 21st century progressive parent is aware about the fact that a well-rounded personality means that the child shouldn’t only be able to understand the academic concepts but should also be able to express his/her opinions and viewpoints for the same. To make this possible, the child needs effective communication skills. Therefore, the relevance of Public Speaking today carries more weight than ever.

With the expansion of a new world new opportunities are emerging for the Gen-Z. For a successful personal and professional life, they need to be confident speakers and be able to express their views to an audience. After all recent research from top universities like Harvard, Stanford and Carnegie all concluded that 80 per cent of success in any job (or business) comes from your ability to deal with people.

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What is Public Speaking?

Public Speaking is speaking in front of an audience. There usually is a definite theme and topic and requires a speaker to articulate his/her thoughts in a structured way. It is very different from a casual conversation with friends and family.

Why enroll in Public Speaking Course during Summers with The ACE Clan?

ACE Summer Camp presents a unique opportunity for your child to learn Public Speaking. This year the learners have a unique opportunity to Get Published as well! This Public Speaking Summer Camp will improve your child’s communication skills and personality in the following ways:-

1. Spark Their Creativity

This summer camp will ignite your child’s creativity. Moreover, he/she would be able to think uniquely and hone their problem-solving abilities. As a group they will work together to understand global issues and suggest innovative solutions individually.

2. Activate Critical Thinking Mindset.

Varied range of topics will give your child multiple opportunities to put into action his/her logical thinking. Through this they would be able to think critically about any problem and solve it rationally.

3. Develop Articulation Skills.

The choice of vocabulary and phrases are crucial when we must convey our thoughts and ideas to the audience. Both appropriacy of meaning and context as well as keeping in mind our audience’s requirements. Our mentors would equip your child with powerful techniques which will ensure better articulation of thoughts.

CTA banner for online English Summer Camp. Learn Public Speaking and Get Published with the ACE clan.

4. Assertive Body Language Techniques.

Through our unique summer camp program, we intend to boost your child’s confidence by improving his/her overall personality. Learners would learn Correct postures, appropriate hand gestures, process of maintaining eye contact in our sessions.

5. Art of Persuasive Oratory Skills.

For any speaker to be famous, it is important to connect with the audience. During our Summer Camp, learners would learn the art of persuasion through effective use of accurate and appropriate vocabulary as well as phrases.

6. Eloquent Video Presentation Skills.

In the 21st century, facing the camera is indispensable for any public speaker. It requires refined skills of Voice Modulation, relevant Content and good command over Body language. The ACE Clan Summer Camp would equip your child to present their script in a confident and effective manner.

The dilemma…

Dr. Komal Gupta had always wanted the same for her daughter. As a senior ophthalmologist she travels often for conferences and has long working hours as well. Her daughter Lavanya who studies in grade V is a bright student in one of the reputed schools of Noida. However, she had refrained from engaging any extracurricular activities or competitions off late.  She was becoming quieter and lacked confidence to express her opinions even at home with family. It had become essential to address this issue now more than ever. When she shared this problem with one of her close friends, Mrs Mihika Arora, she suggested her to enroll Lavanya in a Summer Camp for a Public Speaking Course last year.

Dr. Gupta contacted us the same day and booked an assessment session for her daughter. In the session we identified the barriers of communication which Lavanya was facing and assured Dr. Gupta that our course would be the best fit.

This was the situation, a year ago when Lavanya joined our Summer Camp for Public Speaking. Dr Gupta and Lavanya were so happy with our course delivery and curriculum that Lavanya decided to continue in our YoungStar English Programme. But now, she has overcome her hesitation and has successfully learned the Art of Public Speaking. With continued guidance, her efforts and Dr. Gupta’s trust, Lavanya has won awards in various interschool Debates and MUNs.

The burning question

which troubles many parents is “Which Public Speaking Course to choose?” as there is a plethora of Public Speaking courses for Kids nowadays. As you must be aware, many corporate companies have launched their programs where they are providing one on one Public Speaking Course, that too for such high rates! Now this is an oxymoron in itself! Public Speaking as the name suggests needs an audience.  These and many other such issues lead to an unsuccessful attempt in Public Speaking. This leads many parents to question if Public Speaking Courses are even worth it?

The answer is YES!

In today’s time and world, communication skills, in particular, Public Speaking skills are a must.  If you feel at loss on how to help your kids in this area, Public Speaking courses are a boon indeed. At the same time, choosing a Public Speaking course for your child is a daunting task.

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If you want to know how to select the best Public Speaking Course, then look no further.

Let’s see which components make ACE Summer Camp – Public Speaking Course perfect for your child.

A Public Speaking Course Created by the Experts

Choosing a course conceived by Experts would ensure quality of teaching content and classroom environment.  Our Trainers have international certifications such as TESOL and Cambridge TKT from University of Campbridge.

Get Published

Getting Published is a major accomplishment in today’s world. Becoming a published author would boost your child’s confidence. Famous speeches of important personalities such as Martin Luther King Jr. is still remembered for its relevance. Give your child this memorable opportunity to boost his/her confidence and add some value to his/her portfolio.

Improve Personality

It is no secret that a public speaking course would improve your child’s personality by leaps and bounds. This course is especially designed to address shyness, hesitation, and fear of speaking in public. If your child suffers from ant these then our course is for you. Over the last 5 years, we have trained 2000 + students who have represented their schools in various national and international events. Register your child now and get your child published for free! Go on, click the button, and gift your child the ability to express himself/herself confidently and effectively.

Final Thoughts

We hope that now you would have some idea to enhance your child’s Public speaking abilities. Therefore, enroll your child now and join The ACE Clan. With our experienced faculty, our learners get ample opportunity to practise these skills and become confident public speakers.

If you wish to share any feedback or have any questions to improve your child’s Public Speaking Skill, then kindly leave a comment below. Alternatively, you may also contact us privately by dropping a mail to ‘contactus@theaceclan.com’ and The Ace Clan would be happy to help.

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