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Speech Topics

Age Group 9 to 12 years – ‘Importance of Non-Violence in Today’s World.’

Age Group 13 to 17 years – ‘Non-Violence is a Weapon of the Strong.’

How to Participate

1. Click the link to register yourself and enter the competition. Deadline – 2 October 2021

2. Like our official page on Facebook and our official Instagram handle.

3. Your video recording should be under 1 minute. You need to submit a copy of your speech in Word Format through Email – ‘contactus@theaceclan.com’

4. Upload your video on your Instagram and Facebook ID (on or before 2 October 2021) and tag us (@englishwithace)

5. The contest is open to Indian citizens aged 9 to 17 years.

Judgement Criteria

1. Content

Understanding of the topic, Originality of thought, Organization of thought, Utilization of time. 

2. Style

The clarity in diction, Fluency and Rate of Speech, Body Language

3. Popularity Index

Earn bonus points by uploading your video on your Instagram and Facebook ID (tag us – @englishwithace)

Like – 1 Point

Comment – 2 Points

Share – 5 Points

Awards & Recognition

1. **Certificate of Merit, Amazon Voucher (I Prize Winner) and Exciting Scholarship Offers in both age groups.

2. **Certificate of Participation for fulfilling all the criteria mentioned in the ‘How to Participate’ & the ‘Judgement Criteria’section.

3. Winners will be announced on our Facebook page and Instagram handles on 9 October 2021. 

**Terms and Conditions Apply.