LilStar English Programme

The right start to improve your child’s English!

Why enrol your child in LilStar English Programme?

Between the age of 6 to 9 years, children start using proper sentences and can pronounce words clearly. By this age, their sense of Grammar starts developing and they are able to understand the difference between ‘I went to market.’ and ‘I will go to market.’.

It is the right age for them to start forming the habit of reading so that they develop their love for reading. Guided reading sessions will help them to pick up the meanings of confusing words like ‘by, bye, buy’ and understand the meaning of these words in the right context.

Helping them integrate their English language skills through games and activities will help them to be comfortable with using the language outside school hours. The child will feel confident and improve a lot once they are mentored in the right way.

The classes will also serve as a community for the child where like-minded students join and work towards a common goal. This will boost your child’s confidence and help him to interact with his peer group. In today’s time communication is a superpower and we must equip our children with this skill.