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How I Improved my English

How I Improved my English

Being a student of the English language, I always wanted to improve and excel in my speaking and writing skills. I am quite sure that most of us wish the same. And somewhere in our cloudland almost all of us think of competing with the native speakers and sometimes even outshining them but for doing that we need to be confident, fluent and in control of our communication skills. So here are some methods (that really worked wonders for me!) to help you improve your English. 

Make your Personal Dictionary

In our daily lives, all of us come across millions of new words and because we consider ourselves superior and intelligent, we believe that we humans have a vast memory. We think it is child’s play to remember all the words we see or hear in our daily lives. But that is not how it works; the fact is that the human brain tends to forget things that have not been used frequently. So, making your personal dictionary is a must.

Get your Hands-on Technology

Nowadays technology is evolving at an amazingly fast pace and to be up to date with it is a must. Technology provides us with hundreds of new options which can help us to improve our English. Such as: –

1. Listening to audiobooks.

2. Writing Blogs.

3. Listening to podcasts.

4. Learning from social media.

So, get online right away and make use of technology in the right way!

Listen First

To show your mastery of your speaking skills, you will have to speak right and without any error in your pronunciation and sentence formation. But one of the core skills for speaking right (which we always tend to forget) is not just to speak. But listen first, understand the context & the message and then speak. This would help you to elevate your speaking skills.

Reading is Indispensable

In real life it takes a lot of persistence to be consistent in our reading because anyway in real life we do not have Harry Potter’s fantastically ‘magical potion’ or an ‘incantation’, in real life, daily reading is indispensable for improving English (and even Harry Potter and friends had to read and remember every spell anyways). One should never doubt that reading is vital for improving your English.

Learn new phrases

Using new and captivating phrases while we are speaking or writing English decks up our language as ornaments. Marking or highlighting some important phrases while reading a newspaper or novel can help you ace your English (and remember to note them in your personal diary).

Master your Grammar

Grammar is almost like caffeine for learning English and gives every learner that kickstart which helps them to build a stable and cohesive foundation for a much brighter and brilliant future with optimal use of the English language.

Are you ready to conquer the world of the English Language?

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By- Prakhar Tomar

Age – 16 years

City – Meerut

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