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Can Reel Life Prepare You For Real Life?

Can Reel Life Prepare You For Real Life?

Are you interested in acting, role play and theatre? Do you secretly wish to have a career in acting? Have you ever wondered that how it can help you become a better person? I am a 13 years old schoolgirl who loves acting. After I started pursuing acting in my school, I had a thought that what was it doing to my personality? Then I realized that acting has completely changed my outlook. I realized that one’s passion, etiquettes also affect one’s habits and personality.  Let me share qualities that I have learnt from REEL Life which has prepared me for my REAL LIFE. 


You might be thinking, what is the relation between SPEAKING SKILLS and ACTING? Well, I am sure you must have come across the term ‘Dialogue delivery’ which means how an actor delivers his/her lines (dialogues). Imagine you are watching a drama, but you aren’t able to understand what the actor is speaking. It would be really boring, weird and tough for you to understand what the storyline is, wouldn’t it be? Speaking skills are not only important when you speak on stage, but also when you are speaking in real life so that people can understand your thoughts and feelings.


You must have seen in movies that heroes always take the right decisions and act bravely, but sometimes they make bad ones and you witness the horrific outcomes. I know that a movie cannot be completely relatable but you can definitely learn how to act and how to not act in different situations. For example, in Tangled, Rapunzel got to know that her mother was evil and stood against her, fearless. When you act yourself, you learn, think, and adapt faster.


Why Hope? Let me explain. When you watch a movie, don’t you keep guessing the next scene and wait eagerly for the ending? I do. After a heart-wrenching scene, we pray in our hearts that the protagonist emerges as a winner. Almost every time, we hope for a happy ending. The cinema also emphasizes happy endings to instil a sense of optimism in the viewers. And whenever we face a similar situation in our lives, immediately we are reminded of the hope, the positivity that a particular movie or scene etched in our memory.

When you act, you feel what is happening and when you enact a happy ending, you also feel, and you learn to always think positive. You start believing that in real life too a good ending is always possible.


Movies help us in seeing and imagining those things which are not possible now but might be possible in future. As William Blake said – “What is now proved was once only imagined”. Acting also increases your imagination as you are living that scene and you might realise that this can happen in real life as well. Reel life increases imagination and willpower in real life.

Movies are made to enjoy but still affects us, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively. You should watch a movie, understand it, and learn from it. There is nothing bad in being optimistic and seeking positivity in everything.

By – Raagi Kumar

Age – 13 years

City – Greater Noida 




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