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When it comes to delivering impromptu speech students often feel under prepared. The reason? They have to visit multiple websites to find speech topics for themselves. Since most of the content on the internet focuses on topics related to MBA or GD round for higher education, it’s a difficult task to find age appropriate topics for school students. That’s the reason we at The ACE Clan came up with 299+ speech topics for students to help them feel ready to take on any impromptu speech competition challenge.

This blog contains not only the best speech topics for students but it also has a bunch of actionable advise. From topics ranging from why students feel nervous and how they can improve their speech delivery skills, this is one of the most comprehensive blog you’ll find on the internet.

The Fear of Public Speaking

Learners often feel confused when it comes to speaking on any topic on the spot. This fear of public speaking stems from:

  • Fear of facing large audience
  • Lack of preparation
  • Fear of failure or rejection
  • Trauma of prior experience
  • Unfamiliar Surroundings
  • Lack of proper training in Public Speaking
  • Self- doubt

To Improve Public Speaking

The good news is that young learners can be trained to speak any impromptu speech or Extempore. Learners of The ACE Clan vouch for the following tips to get better at extempore.

  • Understanding the topic clearly
  • Identifying the keywords of the topic
  • Using ‘Wh’ questions to generate more content.
  • Pausing wherever required.
  • Organizing the content- Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion.
  • Practising breathing and voice modulation exercises.

We are proud to state that we have trained over 2000+ students across the globe in Public Speaking. If you are interested in preparing your child for “Public Speaking”, enroll now.

Let Us First Understand What Is An Extempore Speech

According to Cambridge dictionary, “Extempore” means “done or said without any preparation or thought” or in other words “impromptu”. In an Extempore competition, participants are given a random speech topic. Afterwards, they are required to express their views on the given topic for about a minute or two. It is an important skill for kids to develop.

Now let’s see why.

Why is ‘Extempore’ An Important Skill to Have?

  • When children are asked to present an Extempore speech or are put into an impromptu speaking situation, they may feel a little nervous, but it makes them think independently.
  • It enhances their problem solving and thinking ability.
  • They are also required to analyse the given topic and identify the issue to be addressed. So, it also develops their analytical skills.
  • Once they deliver the speech successfully, it certainly boosts up their confidence.
  • In a random speech, children need to use new words and apply their vocabulary skills. Hence, it also challenges their spellings and vocabulary skills.
  • Speeches or public speaking is certainly a great way to fight stage fright and enhances body language.

Important Tips before we share the speech topics for students:

  • Choose from the wide range of topics according to your kid’s interest and occasion where the speech is to be delivered.
  • Encourage the child to begin with a proper introduction.
  • Relevant points related to the topic can be found with the help of ‘Wh’ questions.
  • Extra attention should be given to appropriate body language.
  • Proper conclusion will make the speech memorable.
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Here’s a List of 100 Speech Topics for Students (6-9 years) to Choose From:

After a thorough research, we have put together a list of impromptu speech topics under different categories.

Favourites Category Speech Topics for Students:

  1. My favourite food.
  2. My most loved flower.
  3. My favourite animal.
  4. My favourite Game.
  5. My best friends’ favourite TV show.
  6. The pizza I love most.
  7. My favourite cartoon show.
  8. My favourite ice cream flavour.
  9. Mango or strawberry my favourite fruit.
  10. My most favourite toy.
  11. How does my favourite chocolates taste?
  12. Parrots are my favourite birds because __________.
  13. My favourite movie.
  14. Ludo or cricket, what’s my favourite game?
  15. Diwali is my favourite festival.
  16. I love eating _________ because.
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Food Category Speech Topics for Students:

17. What is healthy pizza or carrots?

18. Farmers give us food.

19. Burgers are unhealthy.

20. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

21. Food gives us energy.

22. Green veggies are tasty.

23. Fruits provide vitamins and minerals.

24. Pulses give us protein.

25. Milk makes us strong.

26. Water is essential for health.

27. A south Indian dish I love.

28. Eggs are good for health.

29. Noodles are unhealthy.

30. Kids should not eat chocolates.

Science Category Speech Topics for Students:

31. Colours in a rainbow.

32. We should save water.

33. What are living things?

34. Water is life.

35. What are non-living things?

36. List of Domestic animals.

37. Lion is a wild animal.

38. Leaf is the kitchen of plants.

39. We need air to breathe.

40. Rain helps to grow food.

41. Sun gives us light and heat.

42. Plants need sunlight to grow.

43. How many planets are in our solar system?

44. Clouds make rain.

45. Earth is our planet.

46. The moon.

47. The stars.

48. The parts of our body.

49. Plants grow in soil.

50. Plants and it’s parts.

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Environment Category Speech Topics for Students:

51. Fire-crackers are not good for the environment.

52. Save Water, Save Earth!

53. Why should we save trees?

54. Don’t cut trees.

55. Don’t hurt animals.

56. Herbivorous animals.

57. Carnivorous animals.

58. Stop using plastics.

59. Plastics are bad for nature.

60. Air pollution.

61. Save rivers.

62. We should keep our environment clean.

Games Category Speech Topics for Students:

63. Outdoor games are good for our body.

64. Hide and Seek is my favourite game.

65. Video games or badminton? My favourite game.

Habits Category Speech Topics for Students:

66. Good Habits.

67. Cleaning habits.

68. Helping Habits.

69. Eating habits.

70. Dining habits.

71. Sharing is caring.

72. Cleanliness is good.

73. Healthy eating.

74. We should not waste water.

75. Why should we brush our teeth?

76.Why should we listen to our elders.

77. Why should we follow traffic rules?

78. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Miscellaneous Category Speech Topics for Students:

79. The best day of my life.

80. My best friend.

81. My sister/brother.

82. I want to become…….

83. When I grow up……

84. My favourite shoes.

85. My father.

86. My mother.

87. My favourite poem.

88. The tastiest dish my mom makes.

89. What I ate in the breakfast?

90. My favourite colour.

91. Red colour fruits.

92. Flowers in the garden.

93. The mango tree.

94. My favourite teacher in school.

95. My school.

96. My neighbour.

97. What do we do in Holi?

98. Santa Claus.

99. My birthday Party.

100. What do we do in summer vacation?

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List of 100 Speech Topics for Students (10-12 Years Old) to Choose From:

As the learners enter pre-teens, they become more sensitized to the world around them. Topics which will make them analyze and apply their concepts should be incorporated in their language learning journey.

Pro Tips to Prepare Pre-Teens for Extempore Speech:

  • Learners should be able to listen and identify the keywords of the topic.
  • They should start the extempore with a self-introduction and an introduction to the topic.
  • Answering questions like “why and how” will give more depth to their speech.
  • Giving few examples and instances would make their speech richer.
  • Clarity of voice and usage of appropriate vocabulary would make their extempore unforgettable.

List of 100 Extempore Speech Topics for Students:

Here’s a list of 100 speech topics that can be given to children of 10 to 12 years old. You can choose from wide range of categories given below:

Favourites Category Speech Topics for Students:

  1. My favourite sci-fi movie.
  2. My favourite author.
  3. My favourite cricketer.
  4. Most inspiring personality.
  5. A Freedom Fighter who inspires me.
  6. Play station or Badminton, what’s my favourite activity?
  7. My favourite science project.
  8. My favourite indoor game.
  9. My favourite outdoor game.
  10. My favourite book.
  11. Camping or trekking my favourite activity.

Science & Environment Extempore Speech Topics for Students:

12. ‘Pandas’ are an endangered species.

13. What would we do without water?

14. Ways to save water.

15. Measures to save trees.

16. Negative aspects of using technology.

17. Pros and cons of Internet.

18. Smartphones – Boon or bane?

19. Ways to reduce air pollution.

20. What steps should you take to save electricity?

21. Simple machines used in everyday life.

22. Our atmosphere.

23. Measures to reduce water pollution.

24. Causes of water pollution.

25. Causes of air Pollution.

26. Ways to reduce plastic waste.

27. Greenhouse effect and global warming.

29. Ozone layer depletion.

30. Save petrol, Save earth!

31. Electric Cars or Fuel cars, which is better?

32. Natural Calamities.

33. Uses of artificial satellites.

34. How can we save Fossil Fuels?

Food and Diet Extempore Topics for Students:

35. Best vegetarian foods that are high in protein.

36. Balanced Diet.

37. Sources of Calcium.

38. How is junk food bad for health?

39. Foods rich in fibres.

40. My favourite fruit and it’s nutritional values.

India and It’s Independence:

41. Gandhiji and his principles.

42. The independent India.

43. Our Tricolor, Our Pride.

44. Lal Bahadur Shastri.

45. Contributions of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in Independence.

46. Bhagat Singh as a freedom fighter.

47. APJ Abdul Kalam: The missile Man of India.

48. What should we learn from APJ Abdul Kalam?

49. India and its diverse culture.

50. India as the biggest democratic country.

51. Indian festivals and traditions.

Miscellaneous Extempore Speech Topics for Students.

52. I want to become …… when I grow up because …….

53. The best place to spend summer vacation.

54. A skill I want to learn.

55. Unity in Diversity.

56. My favourite comedy movie.

57. Kindness towards animals.

58. Discipline is the key to success.

59. Why friends are important in life.

60. How can we help others as kids?

61. Why should we follow traffic rules?

62. Good eating habits are a must.

63. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

64. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

65. Importance of Moral values in kids.

66. Constitution of India.

67. Dr B.R. Ambedkar.

68. Teachings of Swami Vivekananda.

69. Gautam Buddha and his teachings.

70. Tobacco is injurious to health.

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71. The national Anthem.

72. The national song.

73. Soil pollution and its harmful effects.

74. Rivers of India.

75. Why should we not waste food.

76. Green veggies or pizza.

77. Reading books or playing video games, what helps us grow?

78. Importance of Yoga.

79. Values we learn from our parents.

80. My favourite teacher in school.

81. My favourite subject.

82. Best memories with my family.

83. How can we help in household chores?

84. Uses of Rainwater Harvesting.

85. My experience in a village.

86. A story my grandmother told me.

87. Significance of Teachers Day.

88. Significance of Children’s Day.

89. Most influential celebrity.

90. States and Union territories of India.

91. Mount Everest.

92. Neighbouring countries of India.

93. Bicycle of my dreams.

94. My Favourite Novel from the Harry Potter Series.


95. Prevention from Covid 19.

96. Covid 19 Vaccines.

97. What did I do in Lockdown?

98. Who are Covid Warriors?

99. How to increase our immunity?

100. A skill I learned during the Lockdown.

List of 100 Extempore Speech Topics for Students (13-19 Years Old):

Teenagers go through a lot of dilemmas and there’s a vast variety of things in their life that they feel like sharing. As a matter of fact, topics ranging from life experiences, social issues, peer pressure, career aspects to globalization, trends, fashion and what not? That is why, speeches are a good way to communicate with a large audience in one go. In particular, an extempore speech is a great way to bring out organic ideas and thoughts.

List of 100 topics for impromptu speech for teenagers:

We are here with a list of 100 speech topics that teenagers will love talking about. Let’s dive in!

Education Extempore Topics for Students:

  1. Should mental health and wellness be taught in High schools?
  2. Does grades matter?
  3. What is more effective, distance or regular learning?
  4. Importance of Arts and music classes in schools
  5. What is more effective, theoretical or practical knowledge?
  6. What’s preferable, online classes or offline classes?
  7. Importance of physical education in teens’ growth.
  8. Sports for overall development.
  9. Ways to get success through self-study.
  10. What I learned from my last educational tour?
  11. Effective ways of focusing on studies.
  12. How to avoid distractions during exams?
  13. Personality development should be part of our curriculum.
  14. Role of college and peers in teenager’s life.
  15. How does peer pressure affect our studies?

Career & Future goals:

16. Ways to choose a suitable career for myself.

17. What do I want to achieve in my career?

18. How will I get into my dream university?

19. My dream Job would be ……..

20. My career inspiration.

21. Traditional jobs or start-ups, what helps us grow?

22. My own start-up idea as a teen.

23. Challenges we face as teenagers.

24. My one hobby that has an earning potential.

25. School grades or work experience, what should be important in a job and why?

Environmental Awareness Extempore Topics for Students:

26. Significant steps taken by authorities to reduce air pollution.

27. Health hazards posed by toxic industrial wastes and ways to reduce them.

28. Small changes in our lives that can save the environment in different ways.

29. What values can we learn from the Chipko Movement?

30. How to encourage your neighbours for rainwater harvesting?

31. Recent steps taken against deforestation in India.

32. Preventive measures to save aquatic life and why is it important for the ecosystem?

33. Stop animal cruelty for the sake of fashion!

34. How is the make-up industry exploiting natural resources?

35. What measures will you take to lower Chlorofluorocarbon levels in the Atmosphere?

36. What hazards do unimportant festive practices pose on our environment?

37. Causes and health hazards of ozone layer depletion.

38. Are electric vehicles safe for the environment?

Technology Related Extempore Topics for Students:

39. What kind of useful apps, you think should exist?

40. Online teaching Platforms: boon or bane?

41. What will you do if you get into a time machine?

42. What are hyperloops? And the future of transportation.

43. How computer games are making children stupid?

44. How technology is making our lives easier?

45. Online payment methods have made transactions easier and safer.

46. How’s technology affecting our health?

47. Social media has reduced one on one interaction.

48. How has social media put our Privacy in danger?

49. Uses of latest technology in national security.

50. E-books or Paperbacks, what’s effective?

Society & Politics Related Extempore Speech Topics for Students:

51. Steps you will take for the benefit of the society if you were a politician.

52. Recent steps taken to uplift backward classes in the society.

53. Reservation to backward classes, good or bad?

54. What empowers a woman?

55. List of things you’ll see in the leader you vote for.

56. Economic Conditions of women in society before and after independence.

57. What makes India the biggest democratic nation in the world?

58. Ways to reduce gender pay disparity.

59. Steps to uplift Economically weaker sections.

60. How is the Social Security Scheme beneficial for the needy?

Medicine & Health Speech Topics for Students:

61. Ayurvedic treatment or Allopathic treatment, what’s better?

62. Free healthcare to all.

63. Tobacco should be banned.

64. Plant based food or meat-based food, what would teens prefer?

65. How will you convince people around you to get vaccinated against Covid19?

66. Alcohol consumption should be strictly prohibited for teens.

67. Health hazards posed by smartphones.

68. Eating junk food decreases our Immunity.

69. Artificial supplements or Natural food?

70. Yoga or Gym. What should teens prefer?

71. Meditation for mental health.

72. Healthy eating habits for teens.

Miscellaneous Extempore Speech Topics for Students:

73. Patriarchal system

74. Importance of school uniforms.

75. Educate every girl child.

76. Watching movies influences human mind.

77. Ways to deal with peer pressure.

78. Teens should not follow trends blindly.

79. Should regional languages be included in the syllabus?

80. Generation gap.

81. Friends as advisors.

82. How should we choose friends?

83. British Colonial rule in India.

84. Animal abuse.

85. What makes senior citizens vulnerable?

86. Feminism Right or wrong?

87. Benefits of Organic farming.

88. Chemical fertilizers and water pollution.

89. Vocal for Local.

90. Support small businesses.

91. Importance of Financial Freedom.

92. How to deal with examination pressure?

93. Financial literacy is important.

94. How can teens contribute to the development of society?

95. How to deal with bullying?

96. Teens and body shaming.

97. If I were the President.

98. Things schools or colleges don’t teach but should teach us.

99. Ragging is illegal.

100. Importance of self-discipline for success.

Bonus Pro Tips:

Presenting a speech can be challenging as a beginner. However, with consistent practise all learners can excel in it. Some of the speech ethics that we swear by in The ACE Clan may help your child to be a better speaker too.

Show Enthusiasm

  • This might sound very naïve. One would ask, isn’t it obvious? It is however easier said than done. To be able to show interest will reflect the preparedness of the speaker. His/her interest in the speech topic would make the speech more alive and hence, would have more impact on the audience.

Confident Body Language

  • It can facilitate the learner to reach a wider audience. Therefore, don’t forget to maintain eye contact, use positive hand gestures. After all, not just words but your whole being should be able to communicate what you want to. It is imperative therefore, to practise the speech with appropriate body language.

Choose your Words Carefully

  • Next important thing to keep in mind is the choice of vocabulary. Firstly, the words used in your speech should be appropriate and should be pronounced accurately. It is quite possible that one fumbles during pronouncing any word, in that case, it is wise to move on and give your best in the rest of the speech.

Originality is the King of Content

  • Give fresh and original perspective in any speech. In order to make the speech compelling one must be able to think original and that’s one thing which will keep the audience hooked. In addition, stories, anecdotes from your personal life will definitely keep the listeners glued to their seats. After all, nobody wants to get bored by thoughts and ideas which they have heard before.

Connect with the Audience

  • Interacting with the audience is another good way to make the speech effective. Furthermore, you may choose to ask questions directly or use rhetoric ones to interact with them. Subtle ways like making hand gestures, eye movements, tones can help to improve the speech.

Use Humour to Humour the Audience.

  • Till now, it is evident that as public speaker our goal is to keep the audience hooked to our speech. They obviously want to listen to something which can entertain them, loosen them up and make them forget about their mundane worries. Why not then, include good humour in the speech. It might need time and practice, but humour is that string which will pull the audience towards you!

Final Thoughts

We hope that these topics and tips would enhance your child’s speaking abilities. Therefore, at The ACE Clan, our learners get ample opportunity to practise these skills and become confident public speakers.

If you wish to share any feedback or have any questions to improve your child’s Public Speaking Skill, then kindly leave a comment below. Alternatively, you may also contact us privately by dropping a mail to ‘contactus@theaceclan.com’ and The Ace Clan would be happy to help.

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